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No Ordinary Time By Doris Kearns Goodwin - 1688 Words

Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biographical novel delves deep into the personal lives of the Roosevelts. From their meetings with world leaders to problems in their marriage concerning infidelity, nothing is left unsaid. The historical novel starts with Roosevelt sitting in his bedroom, contemplating the end of the phony war that occurred before the official beginning of World War II. The novel continues with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s attempts to aid overseas Allies while trying to prepare his own country for war and Eleanor Roosevelt’s struggle for equal rights. The book finishes with the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s death in 1945 and the end of World War II. Analysis of the biography shows a theme of how far the Roosevelts would go to†¦show more content†¦Post-election, Britain is attacked harder and, realizing the importance of their survival, Roosevelt creates the Lend-Lease bill to continue supplying them. In the US, Roosevelt is forced to pass a tax bill and suppress strikes across the nation to keep defense manufacturing up. The Roosevelts’ assistant, Missy LeHand, has a stroke. Eleanor gets involved with black leaders to fight for equality in the armed forces and in factories, bringing forth a meeting between the leaders and the president, a promotion of a black soldier to Brigadier General, and an executive order being signed banning discrimination in defense factories and unions. Overseas, Germany invades Russia, provoking Roosevelt to start aiding Russia so they can survive the assault. The Roosevelts suffer personal losses: Franklin’s mother and Eleanor’s brother. Continued political attacks on Japan accumulated with Pearl Harbor on December 7th, causing America to finally enter the war. Roosevelt meets with Churchill to begin planning invasions of Europe and Asia. A ban on automobile sales is put in place, defense production surges. Internment camps are built and Japanese-Americans are for ced to live in them. Operations are planned around the world, with the first European invasion to be in North Africa. The Roosevelts start to tour the country to view how defense production is working. Women begin to be an integral part of the workforce while the men are away at war. Eleanor travels to England to meet theShow MoreRelatedNo Ordinary Time By Doris Kearns Goodwin1320 Words   |  6 Pagesdone before―be elected for more than two terms. The people elected Franklin for four consecutive terms during one of the nation’s hardest times, and he and his wife helped pull the nation to its feet. This period of World War II is captured in the biography No Ordinary Time: Franklin Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II by Doris Kearns Goodwin. The author uses countless interviews to piece together the perspective of the home front from the presidency during World War II. Goodwin’sRead MoreEleanor Roosevelt s Life Of Wealth And Privilege1410 Words à ‚  |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Plain, ordinary Mrs. Roosevelt† Eleanor Roosevelt was born in 1884 in New York City to socialites Elliot Bulloch Roosevelt and Anna Rebecca Hall. She was born into a world of immense wealth and privilege that she didn’t really fit into or understand. Her mother died in 1892 and after a long battle with alcoholism, her father leapt to his death from a sanitarium window in 1894. After so much death at a young age, Eleanor was prone to bouts of melancholy and depression throughout her life. AfterRead MoreWar and the Centralization of Power Essays2049 Words   |  9 Pagesand education were substantial† (Trattner 89). President Abraham Lincoln would come under fire for many of his war time policies, the biggest: Emancipation Proclamation and the suspension writ of habeas corpus. Although arguably justified, these acts gave President Lincoln the name of tyrant for these powers were not explicitly laid out in the Constitution (Goodwin 355). During this time of war, President Lincoln assumed multiple â€Å"war powers† as commander in chief, in doing so he began to define theRead MoreThe Heroes Of Abraham Lincoln2389 Words   |  10 PagesLiterature B4 4/27/2015 American Hero Many admire presidents as their heroes for the great power they possess. However, in my opinion, a hero is built by his or her characteristics. Abraham Lincoln was known to be a shining star in American History at time of darkness. He was courageous; when segregation, slavery, racism dominated the social trend it was him that pushed against all the odds and united the nation. He was confident; when facing military disadvantages and doubts from his own generals, it

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Different Steps in my Writing Process - 771 Words

Everyone has different techniques in their writing process. Some people analyze the prompt and others simply glance over it. Although, everyone is taught the same writing process they still have their own way of writing. In order to make their paper standout, they need to think creatively. Writing can be a piece of cake or difficult for students. Many students pay attention to certain steps more. I pay more attention to brainstorming ideas, but sometimes in order to be an effective writer I need to focus on everything as a whole. Everyone has their own twist when developing their essay like analyzing the prompt, brainstorming, and proofreading. The first step to my writing process is analyzing the prompt. The duration of analyzing†¦show more content†¦When the outline is complete, I then come up with my thesis statement. Writing the thesis statement after the brainstorming and outlining can give you a good sense of how your essay will turn out. The thesis statement needs to have a good hook to catch the reader, so having all the information before the thesis statement can only help your essay. Once analyzing, brainstorming, and outlining is complete it’s time to write. Beginning the writing process is the hardest for me. The beginning of each paragraph is difficult, especially when I know what I want to say, but don’t know how to write it. It is hard to write what I want to express in each paragraph. Time is either my savior or my enemy I prefer not to be rushed when I’m writing. Some people can write for days in a limited time and others need time to process and think, like me. I tend to overthink everything when I’m writing and that usually gets in the way and puts a stop to my writing. I constantly reread every paragraph and write and then reread again. Rereading also gets in the way of finishing a timed essay. Writing becomes easier when there is no stress present. After all the distractions are gone writing becomes eas ier. Immediately after I am finished writing my complete essay, I proofread. Proofreading comes in different forms while some people look for any mistakes that pops up I try to proofread two different ways. Looking over your essay only once canShow MoreRelatedWriting Process : Writing And Writing862 Words   |  4 Pages Composing Process Essay As a writer, I can adopt a system of writing that I can use most of the time. To be involved through all the composing process, I need to gather all the tools that I need such as paper and a pen, a typewriter, or a computer. I must also choose a suitable writing environment or place, and then apply my writing techniques and skills. The writing process has different ways and steps, allowing each writer to develop his or her writing in his or her own way. By describingRead MoreEssay on The Writing Process944 Words   |  4 PagesConsider how the writing process you read about in this class differs from the process you have used in the past. What specifically have you done in the past compared to what you read about this week? . The process that I have read about in this class differs a lot from the process I have used in the past in many different ways. I n the past when I was given a writing assignment if research was needed I just found the basic information I needed and write the paper. After the readings this weekRead MoreIs Writing A Learned Skill Or An Innate Gift? Essay786 Words   |  4 PagesIs writing a learned skill or an innate gift? â€Å"The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing† (Ken MacLeod). Writing is a beautiful art and people think it is a gift that only some possess. I would say, writing is both a learned skill and a gift possessed. Indeed, writing is a combination of natural aptitude and hard work. Writers develop a natural aptitude for writing in a process with hard work but no one is born as natural writer. More importantly, writing is pivotal typeRead MoreThe Importance Of A Successful Writers On The Writing Process Essay1039 Words   |  5 P agesdiscusses the steps in the writing process that enable individuals to become successful writers. The steps addressed throughout the writing process are prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing (p. 365). Individuals use these steps to help create, manage, and bring to life their piece of work. However, research suggests that these steps are demonstrated in a particular order during the writing process; many writers tend to â€Å"move across and back and forth† during the writing process (p. 365)Read MoreI ve Had Taught Me The Writing856 Words   |  4 Pages Previous writing classes that I’ve had taught me the writing process which consists of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing (proofreading) and publishing. Prewriting means to get all of your ideas for what you will be writing about in front of you. Different people have different ways of accomplishing this step. Some start out by brainstorming or making lists, but I usually use a little less conventional prewriting activity. If the assignment requires research I do that first thing just toRead MoreMy Writing A Writing Process848 Words   |  4 PagesA writing process is the way in which someone goes about writing. Everyone has his or her own way of approaching a prompt. Mine is to use my smartphone. With the advanced used of technology is the classrooms today; it is easier to obtain information needed to write an appropriate paper for the prompt given. With the use of the Internet at our fingertips, it makes one’s writing process go a lot smoother and allow one to create a paper that is well above what is expected. My writing process is slightlyRead MoreMy First Time Making A Career Goal1516 Words   |  7 Pagesmuch in this course in a short period of time. I learned how to study different methods of writing and writing in different purposes. I also learned different things just by having online discussions and most importantly, I learned how to improve my writing skills and how this course changed my perception of English and apply it in the future. I have gained so much knowledge about writing in this class and it made a great impact on my skills. These lessons I have learned in this class has been very beneficialRead MoreThe Writing Process And What Good Quality Writing Looks Like Playing A Sport?893 Words   |  4 Pages In the writing process one of the stage is conferring. This is describe as a conference that is a one-on-one strategy that takes place between the student and the teacher. Conferring with my students is one of the best opportunity for me as a teacher and my student have direct and immediate feedback of the skills that are involved in their writing. When conferring with my students I can really give each child personalized feedback to improve their writing as well discussing what they have learnedRead MoreThe Right Kind Of Write851 Words   |  4 PagesThe Right Kind of Write The writing process, the way I go about it is I do whatever the beat feels like, whatever the beat is telling me to do. Usually when the beat comes on, I think of a hook or the subject I want to rap about almost instantly. Within four, eight bars of it playing I m just like, Oh, OK. This is what I wanna do . (Eminem). To me this quote means just to go along with what you feel and be creative. Everyone has a different way of writing and talking and that s what makesRead MoreGrowth And Improvement Of Myself1400 Words   |  6 Pagesof Myself Writing is a way for people to communicate their feelings, thoughts, ideas, opinions, and stories and is an important component to everyday life. However, in high school, when given a writing assignment I was motivated to complete the assignment rather than learn and grow from the assignment. Freshman Composition I has indirectly taught me to think critically, become more responsible, and more skilled in communicating my ideas. Reflecting over the course I am proud to see my strength in

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reaction Paper - 692 Words

Last October 3, 10 and 12, 2012 it was a hot afternoon when we watch a movie entitled Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story, this movie was related to our last topic in management 5. Instead of having a formal meeting in our subject in Social Responsibility and Good Governance, we need to watch because after that we need to have a reaction paper regarding the movie. In the beginning, the story makes me feel bored of watching and listening because the audio and the cast of the movie speak very fast and I don’t understand what they saying. And another reason is somebody caught my attention or maybe I’m not used to watch a movie at noon. However, the last day of the movie story, I had the opportunity to listen carefully to the†¦show more content†¦All the people in the magical world believe that he is the one who steal the goose and harp they want Jack to die. In order to save his own life, Jack must right the wrongs of the past and return the magical harp and goose that lays the golden eggs to their rightful home. With the return of the Goose and Harp, the Giants world is restored. After returning to his world, Jack saves the companys reputation and he decides to support the project of genetically-engineered plants that he previously rejected. At the end, Ondine returns to Jack, where she is allowed to spend one Giant week (seven years in our world) with him and they lived happily ever after. The story has been changed from the traditional Jack and the Beanstalk. The giant has been transformed into a good giant, and Jack has been transformed into thief. I think this is the best part of this new version when Jack returned what his ancestors have stolen from the giant; he not only restored a world’s riches. He also earned for himself a new meaning of life. Jack Robinson corrected his ancestor’s faults after how many years. In our case as people, if we want our future to be better, we must right the wrong of the past. Question, are you ready to face the truth and the consequences of your past actions and decisions? Of course, it takes time to even accept the truth but with acceptance comes joy and peace and with the two, comes the right decisions and actions. Yes, it takes time, but it willShow MoreRelatedReaction Paper1873 Words   |  8 PagesREACTION PAPER It is said that effective teacher will use both assessment and evaluation regularly to improve student learning and to guide instruction. Indeed, both have pivotal roles in the teaching-learning process yet, somehow they do differ in many ways. Assessment and evaluation measure whether or not learning and/or learning objectives are being met. One could look at assessment and evaluation as the journey (assessment) versus the snapshot (evaluation). (Sue Watson, 2009) Assessment requiresRead MoreReaction Paper852 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Thin† Reaction Paper â€Å"Thin† a documentary about women facing their eating disorders. â€Å"Thin† focused on four particular women Polly, Shelley, Brittany, and Alisa. These women were all brave enough to realize they had a problem and wanted help with the exception of Brittany. Sometimes when I hear about women with eating disorders I can be unsympathetic. I just feel there are so many things in life to think about other than what people think of you. Then I had to realize media has a lot to do withRead MoreReaction Paper1157 Words   |  5 PagesNovember 4, 2011 Sociology 101 Reaction Paper #1 In selection â€Å"Sick out of Luck, The Uninsured in America† by Susan Starr Sered and Rushika Fernandopulle it discusses the many uninsured people in our society and the extreme measures they go to in order to receive health insurance and also the difficulties of not having health care. In this selection the author’s don’t really have an argument but in the beginning of the selection they talk about the interviews they have had with uninsured AmericansRead MoreReaction Paper1523 Words   |  7 PagesReaction Paper The Short Bus CON 712 Counseling Children and Adolescent Adrianne Green October 19, 2010 Before I began reading this book, I took a moment to think about the title: The Short Bus a Journey beyond Normal and what this book might entail. The term short bus brought back memories to me as a kid, people who were not smart enough to ride the long bus; or people who attended a special school because they were mentally retarded or mentally challenged. I felt connected to some of theRead MoreReaction Paper1370 Words   |  6 PagesElizabeth Cooper MGT-106 Ball May 20, 2010 Self-Assessment Reaction Paper Summary It is not easy to describe yourself and to be truly honest. The way you think of yourself and how another person might think of you could be completely different. This class has helped me to understand myself better and accurately describe me. If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am very laid back and easy going. I do not let small things bother me. I feel you should â€Å"pick your battles† sort ofRead MoreReaction Paper675 Words   |  3 PagesWhen studying in the field of Sociology each person is going to approach topics in a different manner. Not everyone is going to have the exact same view on a particular subject. There are however, three major categories in which people might choose to approach topics. The approaches are known as sociological perspectives and are the functionalist, conflict, and interactionist perspectives. These perspectives name other ways in which different people choose to analyze a subject, and how they lookRead MoreReaction Paper1879 Words   |  8 Pagesâ€Å"Slice of Life’s Unique Design† â€Å"No man is an island† --- an almost clichà ©d saying everyone knows. I can’t completely say I’m an island, I can’t say I’m not either. It usually depends upon the situations raised by life’s unique design. I was brought up by my parents to be a respectful, justice-wise, humble person. But in every person’s lives lies the process of making one’s own personality. My life during the days when I was still ignorant of the world around me wasn’t the type of life I can beRead MoreReaction Paper2211 Words   |  9 PagesREACTION PAPER on HULING PRINSESA (Last Princess) by Kara David of i-Witness by: Carmina N. Milallos BSSW 1-1 Stories of princess were part of our childhood memories. We dream of becoming one during those times. But in Tumandok tribe in Tapaz, Capiz, Philippines, there were women, who were treated like a princess. They are known to be the binukot. Before seeing the documentary of Huling Prinsesa (Last Princess), I was really excited because who knew that a 3rd world country like the PhilippinesRead MoreReaction Paper3394 Words   |  14 PagesREACTION PAPER on GOD IS DEAD The lines, â€Å"God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him,† can be true in literal sense. Subjectively, the lines presented are very agnostic and atheistic. Those are against my will and belief as a Roman Catholic faithful. The three shorter mentioned lines are three important points to be clarified about. The first line says, God is dead is true in literal sense. In the Scriptures, it written that Jesus became man and so he died as a human. Yes, I believeRead MoreReaction Paper1429 Words   |  6 Pages[pic] Submitted by: Suyam, Wilson Philip s. Bsba-4a Submitted to: Prof. luzviminda a. cantal Date submitted: December 19,2012 Last December 3to December 5, 2012, the School of Business and Computer Studies Department of St. Dominic College of Asia held an educational tour, or what they called it â€Å"Lakbay Aral†. At almost 6 AM that time, we departed from Cavite to start our most awaited trip at the following itineraries:   Subic Bay

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Media theorist and Film Studies Essay Example For Students

Media theorist and Film Studies Essay Another reason for the Eastenders eventual success in the ratings was its careful scheduling. (24) Eastenders is broadcasted at seven-thirty or eight o clock, which is either after or before other successful soap operas such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale Farm so that the ratings would increase and not be threatened by them. This watershed played an important part in terms of family viewing (25)as it enforced the pleasure of erasing the worry element for parents as the soaps consisted of no swearing. The omnibus edition of Eastenders on a Sunday, where most people were on their day off provided those who had not seen Eastenders offers the ensurance that they could see it on their day off. This fixed scheduling format evoked the pleasure of continuing involvement, the anticipation that at a set time and regular basis one will be invited into a world about which one has acquired-often a long period of time and had a considerable fund of knowledge. Being a new early evening package, its audience this time of day tended to be predominantly middle-aged and middle class. (26) To broaden that audience, Eastenders would have to appeal to all age ranges of viewers, thus, the choice of the working class setting also made a good account in terms of its ratings. Coronation Street fulfilled these requirements and therefore is also known to be one of the major British soap operas. Also, as soap operas traditionally appealed to women, Eastenders developed strong male characters, such as Phil Mitchell, to encourage its continuing popularity with male viewers who were traditionally suspicious of the genre. (27)Evidence of an increase in audience was indicated by the studies of the demographic profile of the audience that displayed that the programme was successfully reaching a genuine cross-section of the population in a way that no soap opera had previously managed to do and that it was particularly popular with ethnic minorities and teenagers, traditionally the least captive(28) section of the television audience. Furthermore, ironically qualitative research suggested that it was precisely those features which had initially been found alienating and in particular abrasive treatment of social issues, which viewers were now ready to praise. (29) Eastenders extraordinary popularity nevertheless means that it enjoys a relationship with the official Reithian definition of public service broadcasting. (30) From this, it is popular as it is seen as a tool for educating its audience(31) by the means of providing both entertainment and exploring dramatic conflict(32) and raising consciousness about issues like HIV (the character Mark displayed this), homosexuality and crucial social issues. However, it can be criticised that at the same time soaps generally tend to restrict them to their personal effects rather than to a need for wider social change-in other words, they tend to maintain the status quo rather than encourage political action. (33) However, it could also be this aspect that actually influences soaps continuing popularity as it satisfies the norms and values of that particular region of society. Eastenders therefore could be associated with the notion of being a flagship programme (34) as it also creates a regional identity for the BBC. Therefore, soap operas possess the significant function for creating an identity for television institutions, as by building a large and loyal audience over a number of years, they can become a highly significant element in the way viewers perceive the institutions themselves. (35) Overall, in terms of realism, it was the credibility in the form of true to life characters and realistic plots and storylines, (36) which was found to be the main ingredient British soaps continuing popularity. They offered people the pleasure of being a part of the wider audience involved in viewing and thus offered the enjoyment of being able to eavesdrop on the characters lives and gossip about them without having to suffer (37) any of the consequences or difficulties of being involved in real relationships. .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e , .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e .postImageUrl , .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e , .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e:hover , .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e:visited , .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e:active { border:0!important; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e:active , .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u4d2dddab152dc2a5a9624d535b51064e:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Comparative Essay Between Star Wars and SlumdogThey offered the opportunity of therefore also discussing issues which might otherwise be hard to talk about openly and provided a space to explore ideas and values and to compare the dilemmas facing soap characters with those in their own lives. They also offered pleasure in terms of offering a sense of companionship. For many people isolated in their homes, soap offers characters the audience can relate to like members of a family and a reassurance that they are not alone in the world. Most viewers admit to forming relationships with soap characters and identifying with individual personalities over a long period of time. In the words of the observer, for the committed viewer, part of the enjoyment is the assimilation of the fictional world into everyday life There is special in letting the ephemera of other communities spill into our own homes Soaps are tailor-made for gossip because of the accessibility of their worlds. (38) However, others debate on this notion of realism (39) being illustrated in this particular way. According to James Thurber, the notion of escapism (40)is vital in determining a soaps continuing popularity in terms of how realistic they appear to be. Therefore, for many viewers, soap can provide an escape route from a dreary routine existence into a fictional world and therefore seeks to create the illusion of a reality. (41) Media theorist and Film Studies Professor Richard Dyer also analysed this concept of what he calls the aesthetics of escape(42) and suggested in 1997, escapism (43) however is an important concept because it acknowledges the limitations and problems of real life and recognises that there are things that we do justifiably need to escape from. In an influential essay called Entertainment and Utopia he argues that entertainment, including soap opera, offers, the image of something better to escape into, or something that we want deeply that our day to day lives dont provide. (44) Therefore, British Soaps according to Dyer present us with the everyday problems that he initiates are the problems that need to be escaped from which are, Scarcity, Exhaustion, Dreariness, Manipulation and Isolation. (45) The utopian solutions or escapist pleasures (46) that the soaps provide to these problems in the correct order, in his words are Abundance, Energy, Intensity, Transparency (honest) and Community. (47) For example, the experience of Community (48)resolves the problem of Isolation (49)in the British soaps and is offered to the audience most explicitly in the rituals which mark their major events. According to Christine Geraghty it is the women characters who embody the function of community in the form of the matriarchs who hold the community together. (50) For example, Peggy Mitchell provides a pleasure of community by organising certain events in the Queen Vic, where all members of the community can come together and celebrate, mourn and provide support and friendship to one another.

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Jane Austen Quotes Essays - Jane Austen, English People,

Jane Austen Quotes The following is from The Explicator, a subscription journal available through Herricks research databases: Jane Austen's irony is endlessly challenging to those of us who like to grasp just how an author achieves distinctiveness and who then want to tell others what we think we have found. No slight part of her ironic effect stems from her use of the free indirect style (style indirect libre), as Graham Hough,(FN1) among others, has shown. The quote below is from Studies in English Literature, another journal available through Herricks research databases: If Marianne's later walks at Cleveland do receive a faintly satirical treatment, it is not because she seeks out the nocturnal sublime, but because she cultivates it at the expense of prudence--and even then the judgment hinges on the issue of degree. After all, even the poets of sensibility contemplate the effects of rain from a distance, as when, in the Ode to Evening, William Collins takes refuge in a hut. Heres a little Jane Austen biography stolen from the Gale Group: Jane Austen was born in 1775 at Steventon, in the south of England, where her father was rector of the parish. She was the seventh of eight children in an affectionate and high-spirited family. In 1801 she moved to Bath with her father, her mother, and her only sister, Cassandra. Heres the beginning blurb from a paper available at www.megaessays.com. Unfortunately, I didnt want to pay $15 to see the whole essay. Jane Austen has attracted a great deal of critical attention in recent years. Many have spoken out about the strengths and weaknesses of her characters, particularly her heroines. Austen has been cast as both a friend and foe to the rights of women. English Essays

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Pos420 Final Paper Essay Example

Pos420 Final Paper Essay Example Pos420 Final Paper Essay Pos420 Final Paper Essay Unix, Linux, and Windows Server Critique For Kudler Fine Foods POS/420 Unix, Linux, and Windows Server Critique Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store located in San Diego California, with 3 locations in La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. Kathy Kudler opened Kudler Fine Foods in June 1998, and grew quickly to open the 3 locations in as little as 5 years. While the mission is to provide the finest products and to assure Kudler is the purveyor of choice for customers aspiring to purchase the finest epicurean delights, the company must have the best possible technology to meet the business needs.The objective is critiquing possible Servers that will improve the protection of data, provide a stable environment to support business, allow transaction monitoring, store sales transactions from POS terminals, backup data, and manage databases. The purpose is to weigh the pros and cons of the different servers, find the one server that will meet the needs of the business, and imple ment the server to the end users. The critique will include security, administration, networking, performance, and programmability.Security When beginning a discussion of computer security, a number of variables come into play. From patch availability to OS popularity, antivirus offerings, user/administrator knowledge and even physical user controls, many elements must be considered to create a computing environment that is secure. While Windows and Linux each have their advantages and disadvantages, neither operating system is, at its core, more or less safe than the other from attacks and data theft.All operating systems have vulnerabilities before they ever ship, and it is up to the administrator of those systems to maintain a level of security that protects the valuable data stored on those servers. Windows and Linux operating systems have a few large advantages and disadvantages that are worth analyzing when considering security. Interestingly enough, the largest advantage is p robably also the largest disadvantage. Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world, so there is a large user community and thousands of employees at Microsoft that work to improve security daily.By the same token, it is also the operating system that is most widely targeted by virus and malware programs that individuals create either to profit or just create general mayhem. Since the Linux user base is much smaller, it is less advantageous for individuals to create viruses and malware for Linux systems, since the impact would be much smaller. Additionally, Linux is a less familiar and more difficult operating system to install and maintain, so the user base for Linux is widely more knowledgeable than that of Windows operating systems.This was exacerbated in previous versions of the Windows OS because user access control was much looser than it is currently. Since the inception of Unix and later Linux, the operating system was predicated on the idea that users shoul d have as limited access directly to the system kernel as possible. (Is Linux Really More Secure Than Windows? , 2011). Another item that is frequently referenced when comparing Windows and Linux security is the configuration of, well, everything. Windows takes the approach of doing as much as is efficient for the user, rather than the user having to do it themselves.Linux forces users to take much more control of any software they install or connections they set up, which adds flexibility but gives birth to a wide array of human error possibilities. There are pros and cons to both of these philosophies, because the Windows approach means the software is probably more secure out of the box, but the Linux software gives users the ability to enhance security in greater detail without having to wait on someone else to develop a security patch. AdministrationThe duty of the administrator is to solve problems that arise when workstations go down and maintain the system to run consistentl y without errors or interruptions. According to Gite the duties of the system administrator are a wide-ranging and vary widely from one organization to another. The administrators not only put out fires but also manage user accounts, password resets, software patches, backup creation, and other various system maintenance tasks (Venezia,  2011). The decision to use any particular server over the other will be based on the business needs.Kudler Foods will need to employ at least one IT employee, and this employee‘s skills will need to be with either the Windows server, or the various flavors of UNIX or Linux. Automating tasks is much easier to do using UNIX and Linux than with the Windows server. UNIX and Linux are both more economical in terms of licensing than the Windows server. Windows servers are able to run batch scripts but are very limited without the available commands that are found in UNIX. Administrators will need to reboot the system only a few times a year while using UNIX or Linux, but will need to reboot the Windows system weekly.All servers have support available, if users are not familiar with servers, then it isn’t necessarily any more difficult to learn one server over another (Jensen, 2007). The recommendation for administration on which server to use for the business depends on the needs of the business and what experience the administrator has with servers. It is recommended in any case that outside tech support is obtained for support that may arise that cannot be maintained by the administrator. Networking Choosing Windows server over Linux has several up and downsides to it. Linux is a freeware, and said to be about 25% faster than windows.Also, the open source software allows for endless possibilities for the IT team. One of the downsides is that a higher level of expertise is needed to keep the environment going. Also, kernel modifications are needed in order to make changes to how things operate. Kernel changes need to be performed perfectly or damage could be done to the entire OS leaving all data inaccessible. Windows may come with license fees but the operating system is pretty fail safe to use, and hard to break. Applications are easier to implement on windows than Linux, as most applications are created for windows use.Access controls are far superior in Windows as well letting the user set access control without having to use software add-ons. Patches are used in both systems however windows patches are all packaged through Microsoft and downloaded with updates, whereas Linux patches are available through open sources as well as commercial providers such as Red Hat (when available). Searching for applications to use with windows are easily found and downloaded. Searching for packages on Linux is much harder and they are sometimes not found (which means having to create them or use a modified version that needs tweaking).Windows server supports standard features such as: The ability to bind multiple network adapters with different media types; this is a great feature to have when using multiple network adaptors, and need them to be used in a certain order. Physical and logical multi-homing; Granting multiple IP addresses access can be a pain, because some may be static and some assigned by DHCP. Sometimes both are not accepted to allow access at the same time. Duplicate IP address detection; Duplicate IP addresses can cause problems locking up one user, and letting the other user have access to areas they should not have access to.Detecting these addresses saves hours of troubleshooting time. Dead gateway detection; Having gateways open and not being used is a security risk that will let outside users gain access to servers. Automatic Path Maximum Transmission Unit discovery; Having to find and set the pathway for certain programs can be a pain using Linux. Having it done automatically can save large amounts of time with multiple programs. Performance enhancements are included such as: Protocol stack tuning; Default window sizes are increased, and new algorithms for high delay and high loss links are included.Round Trip Times as well as timeouts are improved. Number of connections management is improved, and has higher performance. TCP fast recovery and fast re-transmit helping to overcome errors. Windows server has an overall simplistic layout that is a failsafe OS to use. For a smaller company that needs a server for basic use, windows server is the way to go. Using a Linux server will require more expert knowledge to setup and use costing the company the salary of a highly paid employee to manage the server. Basic IT employees can use a windows server to its max, and receive higher levels of tech support if needed.Windows may come with a cost, but it is a fast install that will be ready to go, and use right away. Performance The choice of integrating either a Unix server or a Windows server can be a decision that all comes down to performance. As for Kudler Fine Foods, it will be a decision that will shape the success of a company. There are multiple areas to focus on when looking at system performance. One must take into account system uptime, security impact on performance, hosts accessing the server, database application integration, ability to customize, etc.The different impacts on performance and company expectations help dictate which server to implement into the working environment. The Unix server is vulnerable and has drawbacks just as the Windows server. However, the flaws for the Unix server are less impacting on a company such as Kudler Fine Foods. The Unix server does not provide as many resources for end user support and would require trained and knowledgeable staff that knows the Unix server to operate the system. All features of a Unix server are accessed through the command line and some features are accessed through the Graphical User Interface.The Unix server requires re-boots on a rare occasion such as when system updates occur, application implementation, and application failure. The uptime for a Unix server is generally higher than a windows server. The windows server has more frequent system updates. Updates are common occurrences for the Windows server compared to the Unix server, thus requiring more re-boots for implementation. The server does have an abundant amount of support through Windows, forums, and other organizations.The Windows system does require more re-boots to clear the system out, allow for updates, and address critical software failure. However a system reset every once in a while is not grounds for a final deciding factor on which operating system to implement. Programmability Windows and Linux both come in different â€Å"flavors. † Windows is exclusive to Microsoft but the different versions of Linux come from various companies, including Red Hat, Ubuntu, Xandros, and Knoppix (Tackett amp; Gunter, 1997). Both operating systems have a desktop and s erver version. Both rograms have a GUI and a command line interface. Linux uses fewer resources than Windows and does not suffer from the infamous â€Å"Blue screen of death† faced by many Windows users. Linux is a UNIX based open source operating system designed by programmers scattered around the world. It is capable of operating on a variety of computer platforms (Hart, 2010). Because Linux is an open source program, anyone can access the code to modify or enhance its capabilities to perform a multitude of tasks. The disadvantage to having an open source code is the potential danger of someone deleting vital data.Since Microsoft is proprietary software, this capability is not available in Microsoft’s operating system, reducing the threat to its source code. The original version of the Windows OS was announced in 1982 and shipped in 1985. The Windows NT based OS has been in use since 1993 (Microsoft, 2011). Current versions support direct and sequential access to fil es systems, multiple processors, long descriptive name, task to task communications and synchronization, with increased protection against unauthorized and accidental access or corruption to its files.Several versions support the Windows Application Processing Interface (API) (Hart, 2010). Windows has evolved over the years to a more efficient application with improved graphical capabilities. Current versions of Windows run on a variety of media which include cell phones, handheld devices, laptop PCs and enterprise servers. Both Windows and Linux offer a trial version of their OS but because of its smaller file size, Linux can be run from a CD or flash drive, a feature which Windows can no longer provide.As a supplier of upscale gourmet foods, Kudler’s website uses a variety of graphical designs. The Windows server is a better solution for this company because of its graphical capabilities. Despite Kudler’s consistent growth, the company is committed to keeping its exp enses down and its profit margin up. Linux may seem like a programmer’s dream come true, but the extra expense of hiring a programmer to maintain a Linux environment would be detrimental to the company at this time. Unlike Microsoft’s OS, Linux does not provide an 800 number for support.The company must weigh the benefits of a free open source operating system against the benefits of a paid but supported operating system. Conclusion/ Recommendation Since Linux and Windows both have their individual advantages and drawbacks, a blended solution would meet the needs of the business best. By combining the two operating systems and using them in tandem, Kudler will be able to draw on the strengths of both operating systems to overcome the drawbacks of each. References Jensen, J. (2007). UNIX vs. Windows. Retrieved from networkbits. et Gite, V. (2006). What is the role of the system administrator?. Retrieved from cyberciti. biz/faq/what-is-the-role-of-the-system-administra tor/ Hart, J. M. (2010). Windows system programming. 4th edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ. Addison-Wesley. Microsoft. (2011). A history of windows. Retrieved November 24th from http://windows. microsoft. com/en-US/windows/history Tackett, J. and Gunter, D. (1997). Special edition. Using Linux. 3rd edition. Indianapolis, IN. QUE Corporation. Venezia, P. (2011). The decline and fall of system administration.Retrieved from infoworld. com/d/data-center/the-decline-and-fall-system-administration-375? page=0,1 Capabilities and Functionality. (2011). Retrieved 11/29/11 from http://technet. microsoft. com/en-us/library/cc737697%28WS. 10%29. aspx Is Linux Really More Secure than Windows?. (2011). Retrieved from esecurityplanet. com/trends/article. php/3933491/Is-Linux-Really-More-Secure-than-Windows. htm Windows Server vs. Linux. (2010). Retrieved 11/29/11 from networkworld. com/news/2010/060710-tech-argument-windows-server-linux. html? page=1

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The Canadian Economy & the Global Economic Crisis Essay

The Canadian Economy & the Global Economic Crisis - Essay Example The researcher states that the global economy is presently in crisis reminiscent of the Great Depression of 1929. The global economic crisis began with a US credit crunch and mortgage crisis and has had ramifications throughout the modern, capitalist developed world. The researcher of this essay aims to analyze how has the Canadian economy handled the global economic storm during this period of near universal economic contraction and what can the world learn from the Canadian economic model and how has it been successful. Seeking to explain these question and others which deal with the first global economic crisis of the twenty-first century, this research paper explains and evaluates Canada’s policies in light of global economic meltdown. Calling Canada a â€Å"role model† for other countries around the world, the World Economic Forum called Canada's banks the worlds’ â€Å"soundest†. Presently, the Canadian dollar is around $.97 USD, which is historicall y high and is thought of by many as an indication that the Canadian economy is doing well. Strong macroeconomic policies have ensured that the Canadian economy remains vibrant today. Asking whether or not this is the case, the following will explore Canada's response to the global economic financial crisis. The researcher also demonstrates an intervention, that Canadian government has played in stimulating the Canadian economy when it needed it most. Accordingly, Canada today represents a model to be emulated during the most profound global economic crisis since the Great Depression